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Great job!

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Children eat money. Delicious.

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good work

| Everartz |

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Great but y agree whit axxl money doesn't taste good!!

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I would have liked to see a line about how your small change can equal a big change in a child's life. But all in all, I like this.

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In the modern world economy, money can be exchanged for goods and services, such as food, education and healthcare.

They were brave to leave this information out.

Nevertheless, great ad.

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guys, have a look to this...
someone is doing this stuff in my city complaining against the parking prices...
ilegal, of course. but i think necessary. just social street ads...

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that is amazing!!!!

i've sorta started getting into doin shit like this...this is hilarious!!

(im talkin about the link on _impact's comment above...)

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Awesome... Hilarious.

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haha, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy better than the hunger thing.
there have been just so many 'feed a third world country kid with something' ambients before (garbage can, shopping cart etc)

would be nice if the guy was a traffic warden or the mayor of the town

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i had saw a similar ambient ad, it is tag on the shopping market trolley. I not sure who's first.
but nevermind, good ads go around. and this is really good.

to check out the ad http://jennywhx.blogspot.com/2006/12/advertisement-feed-child.html

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same concept of the guns in the vending machine! but the old one is ten times better!

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This is pretty forced for me. It looks actually gross. Inserting money in the mouth of a hungry kid? Mmmmmmm
The message could be clear but the visual and interactivy of this ad is not. At least, not for me.
I'm quite sure another visual on the autopay station would be ten thousands better. I mean, like inserting the bills in a piggy bank on a table, having as background a poor village with some of these hungry children. So, as time passes by, the visual of the village will be changed and improved. Mmmmm too literal, right?
The copy line is solid, tou.

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