Oohtique.com: Sex In The City

By tagging the city with various sexual positions, this simple guerrilla campaign for Oohtique.com – an online store that sells a range of sex toys, condoms and then some – encouraged individuals to be more spontaneous with a playful proposition: “Have Fun”.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Singapore
Creative Director: Ali Shabaz
Art Director: Mikkel Kroijer
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Photographer: Jonathan Tay
Additional credits: Lay Leng, Connie Tham
Published: September 2007


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Huge and brilliant insite! Who has not made this dark type of things in parks corners and places. Good Idea Good work, can that they gain a goverment demand but may be by prewalls it and quality of the painting with water base, dont worry and every body happy!!! Great!!! Congratulations Guys!!!

Live and learn!

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Asians did it again >.<
Work stolen from Coco de Mer & Kroijer agency:

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You may be right, but the linked work is posted in November 2007, and the work above is done in September 2007. It may also be a coincidence.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Wow. these are exactly the same. Someone's a hack.

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these 2 are 100% similar. I don't think it is a coincidence. Someone is a copycat.

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the similarities are too much to be a coincidence

i like it tho, whoever did it first.

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Very nice guerilla works, but I'm still wondering how did it came about to the position in d 1st diagram ? Haha

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I had this idea beginning of this year, but it involved cats (was a brief on desexing cats). So imagine this but with paws lol.

Home is where the Art is.

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If you look at the two art directors they share the same last name. Weird right?
Yeah I did it, and we finally had a client who was willing to buy it in Singapore.


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jaws of wan hoon
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Coincidence! The lame excuse of copycats.

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Hey stop that copy cat shit! I did this idea before, but now I had the chance to execute and sell the concept.
Look at my username, my website, http://www.mikkelkroijer.dk/book/coco1.html
And last but least look at the art director credit on this campaign.

This is not a replica.

Mikkel Kroijer

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Point taken! Let's stop the copycatbull.. Nice work Mikkel!

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Excellent work.

I prefer this attempt more with the application of the realistic palm & foot prints as apposed to the previous ones which were just cut outs. Helps make a lasting impression.

Again, well done.

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Godt arbejde (^_^)

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Imagine Singapore banned people from chewing gum (it's an offence)...let alone graffitti in the city. NO WAY!

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who doesn't like having sex with a tranny hooker in a singapore alleyway

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i still cant get the how they did it in first picture

singapore = smart government with stupid laws.


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