Only Much Louder: Mr Wasted Bin

At NH7 Weekender- India's Happiest Music Festival; to discourage littering, we turned an ordinary waste bin into a WASTED bin. The more alcohol cups you throw into it, the more drunk it gets and the more 'trash' it talks.

Copywriter: P.G. Aditya

Advertising Agency: Webchutney, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Director: Meghana Bhat
Creative Director: Amit Basak
Art Director: Amit Basak
Animator: Sanket Kharade
Videographer: Juhi Sharma
Integrated Systems Architect: Varun Gujjar
Technical Lead: Rijwan Shaikh
Project Manager: Yash Sanghvi
Logic and Coding Head: Sanjit Mohan
Tech Controller: Harish Balan
Additional Copywriters: Sheldon Abranches, Shreyans Khanna
Sound Engineer: Shrai Pradhan
Voice Over Artists: Vijay Sharma, Lionel Pinto

October 2013

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