O'Malley's Pub: The tricky glasses

Saint Patrick's Day is the most crowded event in Irish pubs, and celebrating with beer is traditional, which makes the alcohol consumption per person increase substantially. For the 2013 celebration week, O'Malley's Pub, one of the most popular pubs in Sao Paulo, wanted to raise customer awareness of the risks of excessive drinking, finding an emotional equivalent feeling to getting drunk - something that distorts the perception of reality.

Advertising Agency: Chicos Malos, Brazil
Released: March 2013


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After 5, maybe 10 beers, "Hey, something seems different about you. Did you cut your hair? "

Playful spin on the beer goggles. Pretty sure no one took it seriously. I got more of a 'haha, check this out you guys' type of vibe from the gimmick. I'd want the glass though.
2) What if you're not drinking alcohol, just juice or water? I guess they say water does make you lose weight, so...
3)And what's wrong with portly females? Maybe the guy saw a plumb female, decided to drink some beer to get up the courage to talk to her but she seems to have disappeared (though she just magically lost weight). Now he's like wtf? where is she? Two ppl were robbed of a potentially great experience.

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nice beer glasses.

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