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Serious props for finding the perfect place to expose people to this concept. They have just gotten their new camera. They don't know it well enough yet, so they are devoting 100% of their attention to it the first time they turn it on. People are always commenting on the concept, the execution, the art direction, but there is certainly a fine art to the actual placement of an ad.


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i agree, its a bit confusing for someone who turns it on for the first time. Youll think there was something wrong with the camera and probably turn to your wife or friend and say "what the f#+*!" and by that time you missed the message.
I would also not like to be bombarded by Olympus so soon when i JUST bought their bloody product!

Other than that its a nice visual but would work better as just a simple internet banner

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I wouldn't mind to see this little spot on my new camera as I turn it on for the first time. I'll probably be surprised, but not angry. I think it works fine.

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I think it works just fine as well!

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I think this is really great! I would laugh out load if I would see it in my cam, and probably buy it too.

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I think it would´ve worked better with just the footage of the shark (no snapshot), it seems captivating enough, Accompanied maybe by separate instructions to how to make it waterproof. Finding out they need the case would push them to buying one.
The idea is pretty amusing though.


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