OLW: The Crunchometer

Brief: Organise a sampling event to mark the launch of OLW Crunchos - a new corn based snack with extra crunch.
Challenge: People usually pay little or no attention to the product or the brand during an ordinary product sampling event.
Solution: The Crunchometer - a machine that invited people to really sample the product.

Advertising Agency: JMW kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Junior Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Design: Samuel Garlöv
Production: Mässbolaget

October 2011


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cool little machine.

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Very good idea.

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Nike Diesel
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I prefer the one from Miami Ad School, (Brazil), which did something very similar and funnier (IMO) for Burger King:

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Cool idea! Could be used by any crunchy products for public events

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