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Honest Dave
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Crap. I got the one with the broken wheel.

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not good

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Funciona solo puertas adentro del local? Podría adaptarse a algo que salga del interior del local y llegue a más cantidad de gente.

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Jakarta Jack

Why not try English.

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Porque esto es ads of the world. No ads of usa.
Se escribe en el idioma que uno quiera.

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Jakarta Jack

When you send your work to Cannes you better do that in English and not en el idioma que you have been brought up with.

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Jaap Grolleman
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omg. the creatives behind this idea are probably very proud of this.

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I like the idea, nice one...



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as seen at the chapelles show

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I see... I want one with Hydroulic Suspensions!

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Jakarta Jack

Great idea and very well executed.

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very good..........

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La femme aisée, plutôt chic, qui aime la bonne bouffe, qui s'intéresse au fooding, faire ses courses avec un caddie à strass "bling bling" ?
Bof, je pense que c'est a coté de la cible.
Un caddie plus "class" et moins "gold and strass" marcherait surement plus.

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i´ve seen this on bum-fight!

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because this is ads of the world, not ads of united states idiot

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J Designer
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the carts look nice and are eyecatching - I'm not too sure about Turkey, but here those carts would be stolen by students within seconds.

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the idea is great. maybe it's a little exaggerated - they modified 'some' of the carts with shiny stones and stuff. For me they better changed all the carts (make them golden, leather handle or something - maybe some strechcarts) i got the feeling the shiny stones will look like crap after a few days people are bumping around.

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