Ocean Basket Seafood Restaurant: Fish & Chips

The ad itself is only the right page in the newspaper showing an image of fish and chips.

Agency: Joe Public Advertising, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Liezl-Mari Long
Art director: Lucas van Vuuren, Brendan Hoffmann
Copywriter: Hanlie Kriel, Jonathan Warncke
Photographer: Pete Maltbie
Retouching: Paul Hudson


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i like it! looks funny.. but is it a seafood restaurant or a fish & chips?
to me, seafood restaurant sounds like a rather upmarket place and fish & chips, well... never got it anyway how one could eat his f&c out of newspapers.

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ming the merciless
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I think this kind of thing has been done a lot.

Also these days they tend to have some plain newsprint separating the food and the newspaper - the ink isn't good for you.

Good bye

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Nice use of newspaper press, it's not often used these days.

Fail Harder.

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looks kinda gross


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Real fish and chips, especially on the East coast of Canada, have always been served wrapped in paper, then newspaper for decoration and to absorb the grease.

This is a very effective ad for fish and chip lovers such as myself.

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Great stuff.

Go publican's!

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Ive been to Ocean Basket in South Africa and its alot classier than this ad, they actually serve the fish in a BASKET.

This would work better for a small fish & chip place that really serves the fish on a newspaper

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drunk dave
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Ocean basket classy? You must be from the East Rand. Nice ad though, captures that 'fresh fish straight to you' feeling.

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I think this ad would only work for restaurants that specialise in halibut and bream. You see, your average bream eater nearly always reads newspapers while considering food, whereas a cod- or haddock-lover - 90% of the time - indulges in a novel or biography whilst making a food-related decision.

I mean, Jesus. Some of you people are the most pedantic whiners I've ever heard in my life. Fish and chips. Wrapped in newspaper. It's a frigging cultural icon.

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i said alot classier than this ad. Read.

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Very cool ad, some of the best f&c I've had in a newspaper... brings back cool memories. Well done.

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Have seen better ad for McDonalds were they made the new col. look like fries.
Also it is amazing that a fish and chips joint can afford a full page ad :)

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I dig it!!! Fabulously done, awesome use of medium...it grabbed my attention.

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I like this. Good job Joe Public.

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Pretty cool!

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Really like this ad, it has great consumer insight - so it might not have the right feel for Ocean Basket - but the insight is so strong that it can take that liberty. And the fact that they didn't but both pages works in the favour of both the concept and saving the company money -a win win situation don't you think!

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