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I'm not a fan of 'buy this or you'll burn in hell' marketing like this. Did it work? Did anyone ever take you to the Tradings Standards Authority for calling a margarine "Zero Cholesterol Butter"? Or did this actually never happen>?

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The first thing that came to my mind was "I wonder what's there in place of all those cholesterol". But I guess the majority of people would choose something which would not make them get fat, instead of something genuine.

Anyway, I would certainly give a look at the back and read it. The name is quite 'attractive', being it inusual.

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Could have been more pithy! Who has the time to read such a long thing?

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Love to see the media plan for this.

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Disgusting, both campaign and fake butter.

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I want to know if it worked.

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yeah it worked...

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