NRDC: Water dispenser

World's drinkable water supplies are running out. Stop Global Warming.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School ESPM São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paulo André Bione, Marcelo Machado
Art Directors: Bruno Zordan, Marcelo Nishihata
Copywriter: André Baldez

May 2016


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I like it, really smart

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wait! what?? global warming! oh my gosh. nobody told me about this!!!
we should make a point of doing fake, stupid guerilla bullshit to save he world!!!!

F minus. (also, seen it millions of times already)

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please refrain from using multiple exclamation marks if you wish to be taken seriously.

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Of course it's fake. Look at the credentials you idiot, it's a student.

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Crisp One
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You could use this execution for prescription Flomax or Avodart in a Doctors Waiting Room :]

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Good Job.

Pedro Paes |Especial Cannes Lions

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good one

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But at least you can replace the water on this...

Also, I don't believe the statement. Yes the planet's temperature is rising, but how would that effect the drinkable water? Hotter temperatures = more rain = more drinking water...

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better than the starbucks idea but again letting consumers down without a clear call to action.

stop just slapping a logo at the bottom. you need a call to action. give me the instant gratification of having responded right there the right way.

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I'm sur it had a lot of impact in the cafeteria at miami adschool.

And a bit of advice kids- If you are going to shoot a member of the public 'being impacted' by the communication for the entry don't use your copywriter.

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boring again
this idea is old already

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I like it. Good

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Craig Valmer
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Great! I think I saw it at the one show.

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so student.

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nice one. good thought at student level.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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more room for improvement


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Craig Valmer
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I saw it at The One Show's for sure! I think they won something at the student competition.

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A most popular topic (for public service). But this idea is placed in a totally unsuitable place. Is global warming due to the fact we use water dispenser? IMHO, the media buy has no relevance to the idea. Maybe, a way to improve this is to 'modify' the water dispenser so that the water trickles down real slow, like it's running out.

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done done done done

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This is amazing!!!

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