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please stop it! Next.

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Stefan Sagmeister is cool.

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hum okay sounds like there's alot of anger against the art direction (even some written in Chinese)... i think it's a good art direction for the giving client. i mean there are ALOT of creative stuff on this website but I've noticed a growing trend of projects that goes to the extreme, that they lost connection with the only ones that matters ... the consumers. it's one thing to create something so out there that makes a big hit in the graphic community then it's another to effectively get the message across outside the world of design. to normal people like mom and pop (maybe those are not the targeted audience).
so all i have to say again is that ... for this client this project is very creative, in the way - it's easy to understand, creates a impact and gets the message across to people of all ages. could it be a little out side of the box ... i think so .. but a horrible project ... i think not ...

well as i'm writing this it came to my mind ... hum i wonder all these anger could it be because of the company's location? in China? would it make a different to tell you this is infact a Japanese company? I've noticed a lot of people blind by brands, names etc than just really look at the design and the process behind it.

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agree. and still the words: show me some REAL clients!

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personally i'm not attacking the idea. It just seems pointless to me.
Ok, now you see the trees, now you don't. So??? What are they telling me to do with this ad?
by the way they're using a lot of paper just to show me some cut trees in a "creative way"...

It's not a horrible project, I agree with that one, but c'mon.. "creates an impact and gets the message across"? Again, WHAT message? What impact? We have all seen cut trees before.

I don't see anger in the posted comments (anger is a little bit of a strong word!!), I see just a couple of guys hungry for really good advertising. This agency probably can give us much more better works than that, I'm sure, but this one is not very good, sorry.
Well, my opinion :)

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8718 sound so sad

i like it. but i dont get why flipping it up and down can turn the forest into desert.

a litle way far out of the box... yes

they just like to make crazy ideas and not tell client i think..
bad Planners


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who is gonna bend the book like that?

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之前我只是听说电通没创意而已... ...

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Well i aboslute respect ideas that come from China. Most of them even won numeral international awards. Kudos comrades!
However what I'm seeing here is a total disappointment. What is the IDEA of this piece of Ambient/ DM?
What does flipping a book up and down have anything to do with deforestation? How can 2 different pictures
appear so vividly sharp after being put on top of each other?

It's just a piece of scam that can't even be produced. So why bother posting it on to AOTW?
And "dennieg", a creative director as you claim you are, your comment sounds really naive.

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I guess now the people know enough about the environmental issues and there is no point pushing it any further. What NRDC should now concentrate is a campaign that teaches people what they can do to save the planet.


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means to me this handful of trees were cut just to produce this SINGLE book...

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oftenTIMES WE JUST NEED to be direct to the point to do our share in informing the general public on how to help save planet earth.. lets do ACTION..lets not talk in circles

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what do you want to say.
i'm chinese too.
it's really not so good,
but not so bad ,too.

just so so

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