High temperatures are changing the planet. Stop Global Warming.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School ESPM São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paulo André Bione, Marcelo Machado
Art Directors: Bruno Zordan, Marcelo Nishihata
Copywriter: André Baldez

May 2016


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This has been done in several iterations, sorry.

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Can we see yours?

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No need to, I've seen 3 other versions.

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hey guess what guys? we know the earth is getting warmer! i don't need this little cup trick to help me understand that. lets ALL stop doing "the world is getting hotter, flooded, blah blah blah ads to win awards.

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decent idea but it lets people down without a clear call to action. what am I supposed to do about it upon reading this? tell me straight up to do xyz against it and make it something I can do in twenty seconds flat and you'll have a chance to get a meaningful response.

also: can the color change to something more dramatic than puke-brellow? could the continents be filled with outlines of flames? you could have pushed this further. I'm suspecting the color will have changed by the time the customer gets his hands on the cups (as the barista filles them) and won't notice.

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nice gaijin
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A disposable cup with a plastic lid, telling you to stop global warming. How appropriate to the message.

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Alistair C.
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i think one of the (at least) 3 clients this idea was done for is WWF

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Craig Valmer
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I saw this at the one show, I think.

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