JTW926's picture
184 pencils

that is great! love it! although, what is it really trying to tell me.. That the icebergs are melting..I think we all know that already. Tell me something new!

picturejockey's picture
658 pencils

The idea is if they keep telling you, you might be prompted to do somehting about it. Same thing as a nagging wife.


niffob's picture
94 pencils

Bravo. I like this.

8718's picture
98 pencils

Now you are talking. But what JTW926 says is very true.

Ag's picture
305 pencils

And where can I get my cup??

picky2's picture
280 pencils

yeah yeah yeah, we know the water is coming. Please tell me something I don't know!!!

GillSans's picture
84 pencils

ok this may not be very new the 'Icebergs melting' speech
but the way they are telling this is very original
works for me

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

i want the cup!


turboricua's picture
8 pencils

I think its a great new way to say something we already know. I really like it.

dynatop's picture
212 pencils

the mug should be warm in the same time, then can't tell you the melting story.

Damn's picture
71 pencils

I want to see the real cup

DCRed's picture
22 pencils

it doesnt work. the effect should be opposite. the way they did it, as you drink the cup empty the water level goes down. if its a warning about the ice caps melting then the progression should be the water level going up. idea was clever but the execution failed.

Guest's picture

Jerk Off! Get a brain!!

iwritestuff's picture
28 pencils

DCRed, the execution works pefectly: when the cup's hot, the water level rises. when it's cold/cool -- water level returns to normal. isn't that the idea?

also, i don't mind being hit over the head with the warning of "melting ice." you can't overplay this idea, in my opinion -- especially to those "on the fence" about global warming. will seeing something "new" prompt any of us to do anything? doubtful. just my thoughts. ;)

iT-iS-i's picture
1721 pencils

Now really, are we expected to believe this? Heat sensitive ink, on a mug??? You have to be kidding me. Well as the rest say, SCAM!!!

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

MaraHolly's picture
18 pencils

I like it. I'd like it more if the debris of civilization floats in the water. You know, people tredding water, cars upturned...that impactful kinda stuff.

Guest's picture

That is really clever and made me laugh. It is indeed true. CoolAsAMoose.

Ron Jeremy's picture
Ron Jeremy
92 pencils

I like it a lot.

dmacdonald's picture
2 pencils

Hmmmm... One of the main causes of the global warming demonstrated on this mug is consumerism and production. So by buying the cup... You get it. I have to admit it's pretty original, but really it's a lot more effective to not buy more things.

Anne Peacock's picture
Anne Peacock

I like the cup and would be interested in purchasing some for the future, if we have a future in 100 yrs. or less. Global warming is coming quicker and quicker it seems like.

Guest's picture

Absolutely Brilliant! I am one poor puppy but, I pledge, I will buy one for my loved one. CoolAsAMoose

Guest's picture

Great job~~~ how can i do for get this cup?

could you tell to me ? i will waiting for your answer.

so Coooooooooooooool

Guest's picture

..Can I have it? T^T

Guest's picture

where can I buy a mug like this??

Guest's picture

I love the mugs. Would be a great present for a friend who just built his own electric truck. Check it out on youTube! Where can one buy this mug or is it just a prototype?

Guest/Monday 2009-09-21 01:35 karste45


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