Non-stop Escalator

To capture the long-lasting ability of Stabilo highlighters, giant pens were installed at the beginning of escalators throughout Hong Kong. As the steps continually moved forwards, the pen appeared to create the bright yellow safety marks on the side of the steps – non-stop from morning to night.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Paul Chan
Copywriters: Paul Chan
Art Director: V Lau
Photographer: Jonathan Wong, Lok Chan

September 2007


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"Straight to the point" guys ;) Well done!

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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andrej dwin
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is this a rip off, or have I just seen this one ad before?
I'm really not sure.
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great! hard to miss indeed.

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yea, kinda similar to the one did preciously. but this idea is way better to proof the long lasting features. well done.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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pity they didn't put it right on the beginning of the escalator (where it's really moving). but nevertheless it's great idea. hats off.

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This is way cool!

Best piece of ambient I've seen for some time - a truly clever and witty way of saying long lasting.

Great idea. Well done guys.

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i think its quite clever BUT, i still don't get something: are they saying its long lasting? or are they just making an ad that connects the highlighter with something yellow?

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It's okay.

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copy cat

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doesn't quite work since the floor isn't moving where it's placed.

and it's a rip off anyway

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Nice adaption of the 'kerbside' idea.
Something about escalators at the moment??!!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Cool idea

love ads visit -

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This idea is much better than the other one (on the pavement).

This is actually placed by escalators for a reason - to dramatise long lasting.

It's a great idea. hats off guys !

A winner !

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I love it !

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Spanky's right. Doesn't work since the floor it's standing on isn't moving. Plus the original's better as curbs are often painted yellow and you gotta believe the marker did it. And there is that it was the orignal one.

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Fogerty Gomez

People... we get payed to create new ideas, not to adaptations. Rip Off, end of the discussion!!!

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ad eater

shame on you, keith ho. i feel pity on u. try to do some real work for real client please. just try to win some stupid awards and secure your position as ECD is not going to earn you any reputation at all! Wake up!

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Batey Singapore did it before.

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