Nokia E7 Smartphone / Nokia N8 Smartphone: Red Carpet

Idea / Challenge: Berlin is the place where history was written – and not just in 1989the people were the driving force behind it. They don't like to be left outside. That's why the new Nokia device was the perfect match: it even got them onto the red carpet of the famous film festival Berlinale.

Strategy / Implementation: At Berlin's busiest subway station, using the latest Nokia smartphone,a movie was made within seconds that put everyone who wanted on to the red carpet.

Results: With 50.000 contacts per day and more than 1,4 million contacts altogether, the campaign generated huge traffic and instant fame.91% of the participants liked their video and an amazing 97 % told their friends about the credits!

Advertising Agency: JWT, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Till Hohmann
Art Director: Lars Hürter
Copywriter: Jörg Bredendieck
Account Manager: Michael Vaupel
Published: 2011


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Very nice!

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What does the Berlin Wall have to do with the film festival? This case video just starts wrong..
trying to give it more size than it really had.
They just placed people's heads in one pre-assembled video, nothing special anymore.

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Gut gearbeitet Jungs

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Is "Don't keep the berliners out or they'll revolt" the right tone here?? Seems a little overboard...

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Nike Diesel
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Meh... Nothing special whatsoever.

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Maybe I'm missing the point here, but I don't see the connection between social and political scenes and mapping a guy's kisser on a preset film. I wonder how the case would've sounded like if the stunt took place in another film city. I think the creators do, too

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Okey idea, very bad case video...

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