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Hmm, somehow it seems like the reward isn't big enough. It doesn't really do it for me.

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And gone.. if you close the book when you are on page 95


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these definitely deserve the exposure.

it seems a little deadpan without an exclamation point.

agree with the previous comments about the bowling one, doesn't fit the movement. Otherwise, really excellent.

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Have any of you played Wii? These are great.

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excellent :) spot on for the product!

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The idea for these ads is awesome. The bowling one is somewhat of a stretch because you dont really do the swinging motion. You roll the ball and flip it toward the end. This one is completely wrong. The motion you would make with the Wii would be the exact opposite of this page turning. By turning this page, you are actually swinging away from the pitch, (which is backwards). I get these ads because I already own a Wii (and these games). But if i didnt, these ads are useless. So my only question is what's being advertised, the Wii itself or this game?

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could it just be... ehm... branding the wii?

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