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It would leave a much better impression if that stiletto was a painting like one of those Julian Beever style, for not being an obstruction for pedestrians.Nice idea.


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Nice idea. Agree with Blashyrkh - I afraid street cleaner would wipe the shoes away.

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Buena idea, me gusta mucho. Sería bueno si pudiera impactar más.

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daniel ieraci
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It's not bad and the thinking behind it is sound, I just wonder if people will really notice it as it feels a bit too subtle. I can't honestly say that I pay much attention to garbage on the street when I'm walking.

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vandalism as advertising!

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Very creative idea! It would be cool to switch up the shoe.

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Advertising like this is actually pretty effective. There was sidewalk chalk advertising for a new street vendor in our downtown area about a week before they actually showed up. When they finally did, there were all kinds of arrows pointing to their cart, and they kept a pretty good-sized crowd. Also, having tripped on my fair number of grates in heels, I appreciate the humor and practicality of this concept. I'd totally visit the shop after this.

I dream of a day when chickens will be able to cross the road without being questioned regarding their intentions.

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