Nice Ride: Frozen Bikes

To celebrate the end of a Minnesota winter, and the beginning of our bike-share season, Nice Ride via Persuasion froze a bunch of their bikes in ice and left them to melt all over the Twin Cities. The more melting, the closer we are to summer.

Advertising Agency: Persuasion Arts & Sciences, USA
Creative Directors: Dion Hughes, Mark Johnson
Copywriter: Mike Gibbs

March, 2012


Wordfruit's picture
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You couldn't not notice it :)

Nomad8's picture
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Haha Did you guys actually do this? Fun idea.

kleenex's picture
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different, but I am not loving it.

artyduran's picture
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Simple. Attention grabber. Good.

vote4pedro's picture
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Doesn't look like the bike is actually frozen in the ice. It's just surrounded by blocks of ice. I'm guessing as it melts, the ice will collapse and beat the crap out of it.

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