NGO Chetana Foundation: Cloth Donation, 3

Advertising Agency: Mudra DDB Group, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: KB Vinod, Deepak Singh
Art Director: Deepak Singh
Copywriter: KB Vinod
Photographer: Nirav Mehta
Additional Credits: Rajesh Sawant, Santosh Saler


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I actually think it's horrible...and I work at an NGO. It's rather demeaning to the poor people ...

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That's one weird idea but if it makes realize to the people around that some citizens live with difficulties

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I like this one... maybe the previous comments are not agree with me... but this BTL makes something to try to solve the problem... It's the attitude. Finally works and thats enough.

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Good attempt. Liked.

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yuck. and Total Scam.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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how many times must the ad-folks suffer
before an idea is finally thrown in the gutter?

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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I bet they replaced the real beggars with these nice artistic looking puppets.
If there are really people like these, why don't you bring 'em there, on that nice looking place, is it that embarrassing? Who is going to work and carrying clothes for donations? Fuck the innovative solution.

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a start of an idea , maybe not finished.

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If it works that is the most important thing.Dont care this time for ideas but only results!!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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one thing i want to say, if you use white skin people, definitely i would love this ad. But why you use Indian skin. I think, you don't have respect for India.

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This was in India, it wouldn't make much sense for the display to be white people because the donations were going from Indians to Indians... no white people involved...

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Yeah, pathetic and all that. And it's definitely scam. The agency folks must have had the clothes ready for the photo shoot.

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If they use the mannequins again, this campaign is reasonable, however, if they throw away it after use it, it is west of money.

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Yes, It is well known that this is so demeaning to the poor people!!!....
Unfortunately, you used their weakness to execute a good idea (which is totally not a good one).

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understanding theme...

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