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Effective enough for me.

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Good idea.

Something like this has been done over here in The Netherlands, as you can see here: http://www.le-clochard.com/

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Great student work! Although I think you'd be hard pressed to get any retailers to implement the coffee cup idea. No one would want to drink out of it. You may want to try replacing that execution. An idea is only good if you can actually convince a client to run it. Has this been executed in real life? Very good stuff overall.

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Smart, i can dig it.

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Did you sign up an account just to post this, Hera?
Sneaky sneaky~
And by the way, this is totally different from your concept.

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okey, clever, but getting sick of ad giving you lessons ... really ...

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Luis Maram
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Again. It has been done in Mexico. The work even was a finalist in Caracol de Plata, an international social ad contest. You can see it here: http://www.masr.com.mx/caracol-de-plata-anuncio-para-prensa

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very cool

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Done. Exact same idea for the Salvation Army - Cannes archives 2002.

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