Nestlé Waters, Contrex: Contrexperience

Slimming doesn't have to be boring. Contrex My slimming partner.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative Director: Anne De Maupeou
Art Director: Souen Le Van
Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy
Account Director: Michel Kowalski
Account Manager: Audrey Tato
TV Producers: Timothé Rosenberg, Cleo Ferenczi
Planners: Anne Dimier-Vallet, Guillaume Le Gorrec
Advertiser's Supervisor: Emmanuel Manichon, Marie-Cécile Pellé Lancien, Stéphanie Perrin
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Producer: Claude Fayolle
Production: Wanda
Post production : Mikros
Additional credits: Nicolas Karakatsanis, Sam Danesi, Clemens Hourriere, Boris Nicou, Mathieu Sibony, Sandra Haize, Olivier Glandais
Published: September 2011


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wow, congrats!!!

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Very cool interactive, but not something that can sustain the contradiction that slimming isn't boring, when all you're doing is selling water. Added calcium and magnesium doesn't make water less boring, it makes it less water. Still, nice work on the packaging and website artwork, making it look like a menstrual helpmeet : http://www.contrex.ch/#/accueil

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COme on, man. ¿Interactive? :DDDDDDDDDD
They are actors.

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Roger Keynes
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Well, this is going nuts virally amongst the laydeez in Australia! :)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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These paid actors are pretty obvious.
The ad, not bad.

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Prasad Weerasekara
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lovely work. well done.

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If it was an ambient, it could have been interesting. But look at the credits: there are two TV-producers, a director and post production company that is known for its visual effects. This is clearly staged.

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I completely agree. You don't get 20 slender gorgeous models with perfect lipstick in one place at one time. But having said that, it was fun.


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I'm jealous

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Fake. But nice idea and good ad.

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Tomasz Dziedzic
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One of the best ads I've seen last few months

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Charith Wije
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super work...

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This is so much bullshit. It is no way a ambient media execution.

To animate that sequence in neon lighting on the building they would have had to cover the whole building side with electrics.

The thing is done in post.

Come on people and Ivan too. Please wake up to these fakers.

But still not a bad idea even if it is impossible in the real world.

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Shot in czech republic, published in france

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AMAZING concept!! great job!

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