National Geographic Channel: Earth Day DM

In order to communicate Earth´s Day and show National Geographic's Channel (NGC) concern for environmental issues, a presskit was sent to media buyers, partners and press.This press kit was composed by a 2007 reserve mineral water bottle, highlighting the fact that this natural resource will become a luxury good due to its scarcity.

Advertising Agency: Torke Stunt, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: André Rabanea
Art Directors: Hugo Tornelo, João Pereira
Copywriters: Gustavo Blanco


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here's how i see things. i like the idea although when you look at it it doesn't have anything that special except maybe for the copy. my idea, if i may suggest, would be to design a very classy bottle, maybe something like a very expensive wine or something. then with a nice twisted label design, get the message through. This idea of course, is regardless of the budget allocated by the client. By this you really get the message of luxury through.

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Advertising Pawn
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Agreed. It's true that the design of the bottle does not convey the feeling of a luxury good...


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Partly true but classy bottle doesn't necessarily tell a classy drink. It's usually the brand. And the bottle should tell you it's a plain water in this case. If it was e.g. in a wine bottle it would be confusing in my opinion.

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I agree. Nice idea but why such a crap execution?

For hire and desire ...

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Mr. The Bear
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Maybe because of the many times we want more but the client says NO? Also, knowing the brand and knowing the agency I bet this is the case...poor budget

Bear It

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agree to Laurent. the bottle make it look like the free gift when i attending some roadshow.

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interesting. a concept that claims to support the environment. but is over-packaged, thus harming the environment.

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No fixed abode
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I like it. Simple and to the point.

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This operation is a (bad) copy cat of another one made in Paris by Action Contre la Faim where the bottle of water was presented as a bottle of perfume. "Water is a luxury good for 1 billion people"
Apart from that the idea is great.

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Babi, the two campaigns are not related. One is about the luxury (perfume), the other focuses on the possibility of scarcity.

I like it very much, i like the connection they made with the wine designations (Water - Reserve 2007) and i think the execution is pretty well done regarding the objectives of a Press Kit.

Nice, from my country.

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it's the same concept. they're both saying clean water is a luxury due to scarcity. but the "perfume" ads did it much better.

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hope both are made from recycled materials

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