National Campaign Against Online Phedophilia: Panties

This shouldn't be here. But some people pretend they can't see it.

Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, André Laurentino
Creative Directors: Felipe Luchi, Victor Sant'Anna, Manir Fadel, Braulio Kuwabara
Art Director: Pedro Rosa
Copywriter: Ivan Teixeira


Ndukwe Onuoha's picture
Ndukwe Onuoha
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nice. very nice.

Big ideas are often small

leaking bucket.'s picture
leaking bucket.
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It would be more impact-full if the underwear was sized for a child. The print alone isn't strong enough and the message gets diluted.

It's good but no great.

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
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A nice idea on paper -- not so much in execution.

vidya.shankaran's picture
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Nice idea! but such stuff always keep getting moved around on the shelves.. how do they make sure it is always strategically placed?

maddoxx's picture
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Fu*&%ing great ambient idea...
Well done

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Leaking Bucket and A.G make perfect points.

My wife is short (4ft 9) hot and 35yrs old, but still gets carded wherever she goes because she really looks young. barely-legal young.
She wears frilly little things from Hot Topic that have Strawberry Shortcake all over it.

She wears it because she likes it, not because someone tells her to wear it.

Sadly here in America because of ADS LIKE THIS, the things MY WIFE wears makes ME a pedo guy apparently.

The point is, the line has blurred a LOOOONG time ago, and the folks that run the anti-pedo campaigns need to realize this and get with the times and restrategize or something.

maddoxx's picture
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she wears little strawberry things
hmmm, sounds great too

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Yeah, but this campaign is for Brazilians.

And women there wear proper underwear.

AD1014's picture
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ugh. terrible and forced.

jazarah's picture
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very good, smart idea

Wordnerd's picture
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very nice idea! only thing that bothers me is, that it adresses mainly to men (for a man looking for hot underwear for a woman, the shock would be great if he is snapped out of his erotic fantasy by a childs panty in his hands), but nearly almost women will get to see this.

I'd rather place this in a sexshop to get more men to see it and to make the punch stronger. just my opinion - nice anyway

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Luis Maram
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Absolutely right... it would work better with men. It would be shocking!

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thing is some brands actually have strawberry shortcake for adults. it's a new craze. they also have powerpuff girls and -- well paul frank is also kiddie but something older women will buy (maybe not 50 year olds, but maybe 30 year olds).

good idea, but maybe not in the women's section. maybe in the men's section.

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good idea!

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