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Wow, that's kind of heavy. Prostitution is the oldest carrier, I would of concentrated the campaign towards CP (twisted shit) and as an infested STD Zone of the World. Dude looks real embaressed and in repent, Strong impact.

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guey, rubén, no entendí lo que quisiste decir arriba, lo puedes poner en español? saludos.

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ad pedant
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i wonder how many tourists arriving in natal for the lovely scenery suddenly discovered that there was also a thriving sex tourism industry and cancelled all the hikes and beach time they'd planned on the spot

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the guy on that stock image must be pissed

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people are yelling him "PERVERT!" on the streets, and doesnt even know why..

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salute, governor!

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The guy look like a old lady by the way.

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Dzsoi |

"It's just rude. Plus there is no guarantee tourists see the nice side first."

Abuse of women and children as sexobjects is whats rude!!! Thiese molesters must be sent a clear message and people in generel must understand that its not okay to take advantage of poor people like this. So a strong message is appropiate, but in this coincidence not sophisticated enough.

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