My Friend Dog: Toilets

Can't flush it down? Pick it up!

Dog owners in Russia do not clean shit after their pets. So in order to remind them doing it, we decorated trees in central Moscow parks and boulevards with bright-color handles on the chains, simulating flush water-closets (it is absolute symbols of a toilet in Russia). Right underneath this flush/chain we placed a small poster with our message. There were some bags attached to the poster – to simplify the task for the pet-owner. Overall 78 such posters were set up in central Moscow with almost 8 000 bags to use. Physically we helped to pick up at least 1 200 kilos of dog-shit from the boulevards of Moscow, plus the neighbors in a number of locations started to renew the supply of bags on the posters. Our program was retranslated by press and we also got the support from famous TV anchorman in the animal program on national TV.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Ivan Chimburov
Art Director: Andrey Shtapauk
Copywriters: Ivan Chimburov, Igor Zatevakhin
Senior designer: Alexander Medvedev
Strategic planning director: Andrey Slepchenko
Published: February 2012


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Dog owners in Russia don't clean shit??? hahaha this could be interpreted as such a derogatory slang comment.

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