Ventilation shaft building

November 2008
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Two Projection Teams introduce 4 Virtual artists apply urban murals announcing the MTV Awards that were going on simultaneously in the Echo Arena.
A whole selection of iconic buildings throughout the city of Liverpool were used as the artists canvas. Huge crowds turn up to see what they think is part of the schedule for the cities "City of Culture" Program. Certain members of the audience think the artists are real, with one even screaming aloud when she thought she saw the artist fall from a great height only to realize shortly after it was simply the Projection Crew changing lenses!


Media Agencies: MediaedgeCIA & Kinetic
Advertising Agency: Rebel Media, Germany
Account Director: Craig Leiper
Art Director: Kai Klinke
Other additional credits: Sony Ericsson

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ehm... so fckin serviceplan invented visual projections?


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