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Jaap Grolleman
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Ah yeh I've seen this. Pretty creative though I doubt many people can read it on their bike ;-) and what about a rearl light? ;p

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You're right, most cyclists are hit from behind so the rear light is even more important.

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How the hell do you expect people to see that flying by? Aaarrghh.

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Never seen photoluminescent red - probably some fancy chemical/wavelength reason it's not available/cost effective.

I like this ad, especially for this country with so many cyclists. If I saw this in the part of the Netherlands where I live, I'd stop, or at least slow down to read it. Important message (since it could save you an on-the-spot fine of €50) and a nice way to use an existing 'vehicle' to carry it.

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Did you just say, 'existing vehicle'? That cracks me up. But you're right, it's so inventive. I like it too.

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Not a great place to put an ad.

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Clever, cheap idea!

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good.. but not funcional

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Roger Keynes
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Every cyclist would notice that.
Especially all those knobs who ride without proper lights.

Will Think for Salary

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This is great! Definitely need this!!

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