Moitzheim Optician: Revue Magazine Cover

Need a good optician?

Message is written on the blurred cover of the Luxemburger general information family weekly. The sharp cover is revealed on the third page, opposite Optique Motzheim logo.

Agency: Mikado-Publicis, Luxemburg
Creative Director: Didier Leclercq
Copywriter: Frédéric Thill
Art Director: Didier Leclercq


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Alright! Please tell me that this is a work of some trainee. Can't remember.. but it's done to death type of thought.

ralph's picture
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sorry i was distracted by the picture of Beyonce on one of the other mags, so didnt get the idea...ohhhh, now i get it! Nice idea

B128's picture
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Don't you think the other magazines being so on focus (sharp) is helping matters. It makes this mag look like a cheap print.

Why would I need an optician while I can see Beyonce that clearly?

This ads don't work for me coz if I see the sharp cover the ad is meaningless.

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The ad isn't trying to trick you into thinking you actually need an optician. What it does is draw your attention, so much that you might pick it up and open the cover to see what it's all about. It doesn't look like a cheap print because it's so blurry that you know it isn't on purpose. I think it's a good ad.

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This would be great for porn mags - stop w*nking, it makes your eyesight bleary!

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Guys stop critizing becoz you have to. This is a great idea. Period.

slim's picture
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Period? They sound like fair criticisms to me...

Stigset's picture
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I think it's great, at least it stands out, and makes you smile.It's the sort of thing I would show to all my friends, and remember the optician.

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looks like a bad photoshop skill.

pauloeduardo's picture
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at least stands out and makes u smile! 10-4!

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I wonder why my eyes would choose not to see only one mag??? Must be beef or sumtin.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

ralph's picture
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Did any of you guys actually see or notice the mag with Beyonce? You guys need whatever is being advertised on that mag...oyur sights bad.

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> why the hell are you so keen on everybody noticing beyoncé?

i like the idea but as B128 said it doesn't really work out as long as the mag's in the rack.

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I did the exact same idea when I was student about 6 years ago.
Beyonce is HOT !!!

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this would definitely stand out in a newsstand...great simple idea...

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