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Well, that is a good idea.

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andrej dwin
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nice idea. love that phone's design, so I give also points for nailing my personal taste in this ad :-)
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*updated daily!

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well i can proudly say that this kid was my junior and he was under me in my previous agency
and well i have not done anything gr8 but this kid has applied what i have taught him.
Gr8 work chintu
keep it up

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Tanmay Bhat

Nice work. I saw your stuff on Tata Safari too. (Shivani Ma'm told me to)Good shit.

You're really good. Probably the best I've seen in my batch.

Hope to you see at Cutting Chai man.

- Tanmay. (TY, Nationals)

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nice dud keep it up
weel done

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Find work.

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you may have a good thought going here ... but the shot on the top showing the blue counters is a fake for sure.

#1 you might want to put the phone on the 2nd or the 3rd counter.
#2 you might want to add shadows onto the desk where you place the cutout.. that'll make it look real.
#3 Scamming is good once in a while... Don't make it a habit. (like i said . the thought is nice)


ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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point taken!

as far as th scam bit is concerned, here's th deal:

- this idea is indeed for a real client and was given by me at Ogilvy, Mumbai at my stint ther (summer internship).

- it was liked by my bosses and presented to th client but for reasons best known to both parties, never got made.

- I decided 2 not waste the idea and do it for my book atleast.

thanks a lot 4 ur suggestions about the art :)

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Well done Chints, now you should try to do it for real before someone else does it.

It is actually a nice idea.

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THis has bene done O&M Guangzhou. It's a phone decal stick onto an ATM machine. I think the ATM decal works better.

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can u provide the link?? and 4 what product was it?

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hey, nice ambient there!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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pick up a one show- last years or before that. atm ambiebt. and dont screw around others by acting like innconet and all ok dude. traing is going through award annuals 3/4th of te time.

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okay, that was my problem if u cud say..i was thinking ideas 3/4th of th time, so i must hav missed out on that. one show annual is kinda outta reach now coz im not working newhere currently...

im not denying tht it must hav been done b4, bt mayb if u cud provide me the link or something, things wud be clearer 4 me as well.

thanks. and u cn comment without being rude. that wud b just fine!

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Baap hai tu!!! rajeev bhai...thoda humein bhi sikhao art yaar!!

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the best part is the art man y u not in my institue?? wrk...n dun wryy i guess its as orignal as u ...rocking dude..will c ur ads soon round bombay am sure..cya

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Well, that is a good idea.