Missing countries

January 2008



Hundreds of giant map pieces were placed strategically throughout target cities. At bus benches, on the beach, in parking garages, even in trees, everywhere you look you'd see the parts of the world that your current news isn't covering.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Executive Creative Director: Eric Silver
Creative Directors: Jerome Marucci, Steve McElligott
Art Director: Chuck Tso
Copywriter: Scott M. Kaplan

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super smart

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Eh is all.

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a nice piece to end the week. well done

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come on guys! this is a very piece of work !

| everartz |

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BBDO NY kicks ass.

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I feel this is the equivalent of showing bare breast at a lemonade stand so people will come and buy lemonade. Just about every company can dump pieces of big cardboards everywhere in the city and say "watch us" or "buy us". A barbershop can have cardboard cut outs of different hair styles and drop them all over the city. Video game can have cardboard cutouts of video game boxes and places all over the city and say "visit our story".

Is there creativity in it?
It's like bunch of billboards without having to pay for the space.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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well, I think there's a lot of insight in these. Americans are stereotypically not interested in anything but there own little world - YouTube is full of videos proving that.
trying to tell them (or at least to those who are interested in what's going on outside their 'block') is pretty good.
besides this seem to be BBC's advantage.

is using this insight creativity? yes, I think so.

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very nice, americans don't know anything about other countries :D ...geographically & politically speaking
don't tell my mother i work in advertising, she thinks i play the piano in a whorehouse

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I was going to argue with that, but I looked it up and according to CNN you're right.

"Americans scored second to last on overall geographic knowledge, trailing Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Sweden..."


But this is natural as the US is probably the least dependent on other nations compared to any other country in the world due to its size and diverse economy.

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decent work.

ivan, US have no oil enough, they buy from Arabics and Chavez!
US have no food enough, they buy from Brasil, for example: chicken, soy, oranges, coffe, etc...
US have no cientists enough, they have chief cientists (the cresdits stay there, course), but need more and more real cientists from another countries (east europe most).
US have no movie makers enough, the best of hollywood came from foreign people more and more...
i mean: the american people consum so much that their productions in almost all fields (cinema, food, oil, whatever) is not enough to satisfy the demand.
this is the great cause why when they get intro some problem, the whole world suffer, that is why the prices of YOU produce is "in dollar".
because the US is the most great buyer of another countries productions.
i know the name of 4 countries that if they want, they put US down just saying: we dont sell nothing for you anymore.
of course US know that, and have a HUGE army, who will fight against?
if you say NO for them, they take your country from you.
sorry talking those thinks (and things) here, but you started.
lets move on.

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super smart