Mini: Pole position

During the morning rush hour, MINI brought drivers into pole position with a special guerrilla poster at the traffic lights. The message was clear at first glance: speed yourself up. The sleek special model MINI Ace catapults its drivers from zero to the maximum legal speed and further in no time. The picture montage was specially created for this location and thus gave the perfect illusion.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zürich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Daniel Comte
Art Director: Frédéric Nogier
Copywriter: Tizian Walti
Consulting: Rolf Jeger, Martin Gonzenbach, Nina Marti
Images and Retouching: Ansichtsache
Promotion: Spool

September, 2011


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Bad message, bad media, especially in traffic.

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several campaigns have used this kind of methods at traffic lights, they just take like 10 or 15 sconds to show it, in other cases some campaigns did even acted in the middle of the pedestrian crossing

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How can a CD accept this ?

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A little obtrusive, but fun. I like it.

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I think this is awesome.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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three people to reach three people. as ineffective as possible.

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