Mini: Dress-up for Halloween

Every year on October 31, people celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes. TAXI 2 thought there was no better time to capitalise on the cheeky nature of the MINI brand – and created a MINI costume for other cars to dress up in. In a guerrilla effort, TAXI 2 created and built a one-size-fits-all MINI costume, hit the streets, and for the first time, allowed cars to feel the same sense of playfulness that people feel when they dress up.

Advertising Agency: Taxi 2, Canada
Creative Director: Lance Martin
Copywriter: Tal Wagman
Art Director: Craig Ferguson
Print Producer: Tara Greguric
Account Manager: Tina Tieu


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Fresh, timely thinking. Well done, Canada!

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I've noticed people's first comment always seems to be so positive. Especially when they sign up around the same time the ad they're commenting on was uploaded. Interesting.

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good idea..

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Freak and nice.


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Second fake car cover to come out of Toronto in the past year or so. Taxi2Slow.

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@ Awardlvr. Nothing fresh about this idea. search for it on there are loads of such ideas.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I like this. Although Halloween is associated with being scary, not hot.

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nothing new...

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