Mini Cooper: Misplaced Airbag

There's a place for everything. Don't makeup & drive.

In Mexico car accidents caused by women while making up and driving are very common. Thinking about their own safety and others, MINI created this campaign to raise awareness among woman drivers, demonstrating that there is a better place to make up than your car.
Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Executive Creative Director: Héctor Fernández
Creative Directors: Jessica Apellaniz, Luis Enríquez
Associate Creative Director: Christian Santacruz


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Effective and heart attacking

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Bruno Brasileiro
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I like the idea, despite most women would get pissed of after this (and not smiling like it's shown). Oh, and better hide that GoPro camera at 0:38 next time :P

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Brilliant placement.

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cool! I hope there were no broken noses:)

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Cristina and Chris
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Very in your face advertising (excuse the pun). Memorable and I'm sure it would be talked about, but i wonder how far?

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This will surely cost them the promotion. lipstick gone all wrong.

nice work.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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