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I'm all for finding new ways to advertise things, but when it's getting to the point where every single surface, flat or not, has an ad slapped on it, I start to think, Okay, let's just wait a second here, huh? I get bombarded with enough advertising every day without having to see it, now, on the bottom of the pool.

Truly, we're only a few years away from people renting out their foreheads to Ford.

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the future is nearer than you think.


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that may be true, but this is about the creative, not the medium. This creative really rocks - all the basic advertising rules have been adhered to. And btw, people have begun renting their pregnant tummies to casinos - get with the times, dude.

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"Get with the times, dude"?

Right, grasshopper.

This creative doesnt rock a damn bit, sorry. There's zero connection between the act of junmping in a pool and the car pasted on the pool floor -- oh wait, am I supposed to think he's jumping *in* the car? Wow... like anyone sitting in the stands, anyone standing next to the pool, generally anyone who doesnt have the benefit of wings to fly overhead *can actually see it*? Yeah, clever. :: eye roll ::

This was a monumental waste of time and energy. It probably got close to nothing in the way of return but simply exists to make someone's portfolio look all daring and cutting edge. Put the event in context, look beyond the presentation given here -- and you'll see this for the absurdity it truly is.

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I agree! Well said.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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I'm assuming this is not so much an ad but a marketing event to promote the Mini Cabrio. There's a youtube video here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klspu5pDXSQ). If this was indeed an event, people at the pool will definitely be aware of what's going on, they would be informed of who the jumper was (like, here's your 'celebratory' jumper dude doing his thing), and bystanders could beinvited to jump in after.

It ties in with the idea of 'Always open' just like the any other cabrio ads that showed anyone jumping into the car because it's roofless. This particular execution also makes it more participatory--everyone's quite literally jumping into the Mini Cabrio. They've could've even shot videos of everyone's jump for keepsake or just for the heck of it.

It's fun, and it promotes awareness. There're more absurd things to rag on.

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Interesting idea!

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I think i would rather shove a car battery up my plooper than go to the event vurtomatic described. Yay kiddies! After celebrity jumper man has dived in, we can swim too! I'm hanging on the edge of my seat.

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