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top left: you're sitting on the roof.
top right: you're laying down
bottom two: the sunroof rolls UP into the windshield.

be harder on your own ideas than anyone else's

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The blinds I get and liked.

But the elevator and the seat are just awful. The seat ambient was used before for winter vacation (ski) but it worked there, i don't think it is right for a car.

Personally, I just feel like Mini Cooper ask the ad agency to come up with ambient, and the agency opens the dictionary, wikipedia the word, and copy the quickest reference they can find.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Seems little bit fake... I don't know if is so difficult find italian people in an italian elevator.

And next time you use photoshop for your fake ambient remember: the floor is reflecting. In the reflect i can see a closed elevator, no japanese and no orange sticker.

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but why everyone inside the lift lookin at the roof,sametime?

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maybe because is a stock photo with a lousy photoshop work?

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The elevator is a student idea stolen from the creative director...

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No doubt is a student work...

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Bright Orange color was discontinued by MINI over a year ago. They wouldnt use it to advertise the car.

((Proud owner of a Bright Orange Mini Vert))

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trucho, trucho, trucho y ni si quiera hicieron bien el retoque

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top left: or Italy has very boring shopping centra, or it was shot in a hospital :)

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very nice love the elevator one. wonder if they actually did it. it looks like a photoshop job

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Student work.

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Congratulations to DLV BBDO. The best italian agency with 1861 united. I think this work is good, in Italy is a great work!

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