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so what?

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wow.. :P

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so the ants took the sugar away?

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Alistair C.
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if i see them , i think they are garbage left from other customers and waiters are not doing their jobs to clean-up. i would never pick up what appears to be used packaging.

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They don't look like garbage. They look like any other sugar packet. You rip one open, try to pour it in your drink and nothing comes out. Then you look a little closer, see the logo and maybe smile. I think it's cool.

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If only that were the case. I bet 99% of people who picked up the empty packet would realize it's empty (it has no weight), get pissed off, crumple it and throw it away before they ever looked at the logo.

Even worse, if ALL the packets on the table were empty, you'd piss off the customers. They'd then call over the waiter to complain. After the waiter apologizes, loses their tip and goes and brings the real sugar, people will realize just how much they LIKE sugar in their drinks.

Let's face it, people don't add sugar to soda. They add sugar to coffee and tea and the like. The whole campaign is targetting the wrong people with a message they won't get. LAME.

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If I like to drink coffee with sugar and no sugar soda it´s my business. This is a cool idea. Didn´t like? Make better.

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I think the weightlessness would add to the curiosity factor, but I agree that coffee drinkers are not the best target. It's still worth executing for a low price.

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This is incredible, i can believe it!!! OMFG awesome, impressive stuff!!!


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Someone please make me understand :P

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Amit Singh

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Ohhh please! Dou they really think If I want to add sugar at my bitter coffee and only find emty sugar sachets, I will be impressed?

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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what the fuck is the idea?

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I think this idea is fundamentally flawed.

Not because of the reasons given by those above me (though some of the reasons are very, very plausible).

The most fundamental flaw would be:

People who add sugar to their drinks essentially want... SUGAR.
They want it sweet.

So, if they like their drinks sweet, how will this 'no sugar' soda even appeal to them?

Think about it.

And yes, I like my coffee with one pack full of sugar.

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