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I wouldn't be surprised if there were an award in that net. Nice!

^ ^

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Perfect ad!!!

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love it.

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cool, but I don't know what the link of a pool and stormy sea is, apart from lane ropes looking like the nets on trawler boats, wheres the benefit of watching the show or where the excitement is from watching it.

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Wish I had thought of it!

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I really like this. I do agree with Kefe a little though. But to the ads defense, I don't know what the show is, so this really piqued my interest and curiosity. Besides, what would the benefit of watching the show really be shown as? It's mindless entertainment, and you're not a better person after watching it. You just wish you could have been on the show, or have a chance at winning some money.
So I think it's a good ad and gets more than just the loyal viewers interested in it and maybe even some more viewers. Great use of media.

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Um... the lane dividers don't look like net buoys at all. Great placement, but a bit of a visual stretch. Unfortunately.


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