LimitedTimeOffer's picture
200 pencils

Nice job on the text translation, and I note, bravely abstaining from the spell checker.

As for the idea, I'm not getting much from it, did they leave the little cars around or was it just the stencil?

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

I think it was just the stencil, cause the cars wouldn´t last one minute. I like it, it would make me look at it.

I have doubts about the signals, because some of them are hard to understand. The Parking Lot is nice, but the Highway for example isn´t easy to get, I mean, they are just a group of lines. Although you have the brand name next to them its not easy to get.

nice gaijin's picture
nice gaijin
815 pencils

cute little ineffective ambient. I like the parking lot one, but it needs both the P symbol and the logo for it to make any sense to the passer-by.

Bye's picture
1464 pencils

Who in the world is going to notice stencils the size of an average shoe.

Pixelio's picture
14 pencils

Kids. They have another zise!!
Bravo Italy!

EGGO's picture
354 pencils

Never would've noticed it, much less that it was interactive. Fun idea, although.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

Pixelio's picture
14 pencils

Brilliant ambient idea! It really makes sense to me. It plays with proportions and invites to look the city with kids eyes!
Two thumbs up!

Kinky's picture
12 pencils

Just the kind of idea that we want to see. SIMPLE!
WINNER without doubt.

Geko's picture
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Kinky, are you the author of this one?

Miss Candy Pop's picture
Miss Candy Pop
58 pencils

Very Cool Campaign! I think it totally works because is a small campaign for a small product, but once you notice it has a big impact, and that's what really matters.

I think it's a very clean and nice Idea.


talay's picture
266 pencils

nice nice nice :)

ZaboZaboZabo's picture
595 pencils

Totally ineffective. No one will notice that. This is the opposite of guerrilla. Scoring a 2.

Wordnerd's picture
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Great idea? A winner? no. the tiny world stuff is so old i can't even remember when i saw it the first time

bknowlden's picture
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I like the work, but don't tell me this is "repositioning" the brand, because it's not.

DaMangueira's picture
3 pencils

Anyway, it's a little great Idea. I like it.

THE CRITIC's picture
3 pencils

This idea is so damn simple that makes us think that has been done before. Congratulations to the team. They have found a very smart and funny way to catch the target.
I love it. One of the best of the last time.

veritas's picture
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The product is a toy car. Now, placing a tiny car in the streets, all around the city, is not exactly what I would consider original.

veritas's picture
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Sorry, I didn't complete my post. What I mean is that cars are USUALLY SUPPOSED to stay in the streets, on the on hand; on the other hand, in a real street nobody will ever notice such tiny cars...

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