Metro: Bus

Advertising Agency: Scanad Advertising, Kenya
Art Director: Humphrey Kariuki
Copywriter: Tony Njuguna
Photographer: Duncan willets
Account Supervisor: Chris Kairo


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It's a good use of a bus window. Way to spread the word.

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Mindhunter: this is quite crap, its been used by so many people and products. I don't think theirs not much to show case here..


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It could be Better idea to use multiple executives in multiple cars than the multiple windows of a single bus.

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It`s good but not sophisticated
-- - Guerrilla TV

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This is very good for Kenya. Good stuff!

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@purplerodent,. This campaign worked very well in Kenya. We creatives sometimes forget that the ads we make are not meant for us. You might have seen it somewhere else...but it was a first for the Kenyan target audience. IT SOLD THE PRODUCT. Isn't that what advertising is all about?

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