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nice gaijin
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I like it, very much.

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nobody sees this!

why haven't they done some posters that are not on transparent paper? it would be more visible.

good idea wasted on bad production. pity.

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Without the transparent paper it would not work.

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Steven K.
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You didn't get the Idea.

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I like it 2!

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Biggest problem, though, is that it looks *so* realistic that I imagine most people dont even see it; they just write it off as more city graffiti and look past it, thereby missing the whole point. It no doubt looked great on paper, but in application it seems a little too precious.

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excellent. To the point.

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C'mon, guys, think about it. Your attention is being brought to it by the presentation here, but would you *seriously* notice it if you were just walking by? I really doubt it.

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Very good idea. But like SeanMartin said, nobody gonna see that. It´s just too small and integrated with the city paisage.

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we are advertisers, that usually notice such 'alterations' in our usual enviroment and never lost a single ad in any media. consumers are very different.

idea is nice, but maybe is not so effective since many people just will not notice the ad...

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and if the message is going to adults, the slogan should be put on the top

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Clever, simple and I already donated some cash for a good cause, keeping homeless off the streets. Well done guys.

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great idea, but if you wanted to be 100% effective should be a complete campaign. newspapers, magazines... mediums where you can have more exposition time to the public.

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It's not the transparency that bothers me, but the lack of it. That is, this ad, which really is clever and -- I believe -- eye catching... suffers from what so many ads suffer from, which is an excess of subtlety. How about adding just one line that asks for a donation or gives a phone number or does SOMETHING that tells me what it is you want me to do that can help?

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Excellent idea and execution! Congratulations.

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Yes they should

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Has anyone thought of the fact that part of the piece is too that you don't pay attention to it even though its been there? just like this problem being addressed?

Everyone is too caught up with their own things and walk and look past the problem.
But really it's been there all along.

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