Meat Pack: Hijack

Meat Pack is the trendiest shoe store in Guatemala, a brand known for its edgy, irreverent style and a store known for its special discounts in limited edition kicks, including brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Supra. It opened its doors 3 years ago and it quickly gathered a cult following with the youth, becoming an icon within the sneakerhead subculture. They needed to launch a new promotion that lived up to their brand standards, characterised by innovation and always surprising their costumers. An innovative way to earn your discount, edgy in its own way. To promote the new discount we created Hijack, an enhancement for the official Meat Pack app used by our costumers. Using GPS tracking technology, Hijack was able to recognise our sneakerheads entering the official store of one of the brands sold at Meat Pack and triggered a special notice with a promotion that gave you the chance to earn your discount. How? The discount would start at 99% and it would decrease by a percentage with each second that went by. The countdown discount made people want to hurry towards the Meat Pack store, making the countdown stop. Those who reached the stores faster, got better discounts. Results: – More than 600 costumers were hijacked from the competitors. – All discounted merchandise was sold in record time. – Every time a discount was redeemed the persons Facebook status automatically changed informing the world about the promotion and generating a viral competitive attitude that spread like wildfire. – Pedro Rodriguez got a record breaking 89% discount

Advertising Agency: 4am Saatchi & Saatchi, Guatemala

Chief Creative Officer: Miguel Mayen
Creative Directors: Marcopolo Ramirez, Jonathan Deleon
Art Directors: Rodolfo Rivera, Rodrigo Fernandez
Designer: Guillermo Chang
Copywriting: Aritz Bermudez
Head Of Production: Carlos Escobedo
Production: Jorge Juarez, Alejandro Perez
Animation Graphic Designer: Luis Fernando Roca
Chief Executive Officer: Guillermo Martinez
Account Executive: Jenny Martinez
Film Director: Rodolfo Rivera
Photography Director: Rodolfo Rivera, Guiseppe Badalamenti
Music: Elliot Rivas

December 2012


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I want a discount like that..

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beautifully executed.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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very nice

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the discount.....

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ta bueno!

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