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i doubt this one was very effective... are there enough meat markets to hit a large audience? how many refrigerators are open to the public? how many people will remember the 'meaty punching bag' scene?

the other one is way better!

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Who'S idea was this? They'll get all 17 meat packers in Chile off to the cinema with this one!

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C'mon. EVERYONE will remember the meat punching bag scene. You're right, though, about the audience. Is there goal to get all the Chilean meat packers to go see the new Rocky movie??

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major scam… or as we say here: trucho del porte de un barco

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Omigod, Rocky must be a steroid-fueled carnivorous monster. This would be better suited for Incredible Hulk, not a little old man.

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Unless these ¨meat punching bags¨ are in showcases in the middle of the mall.... This is useless. It's a cool idea, but it wouln't be able to reach a large audience.

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That is the sort of stunt that usually gets a laugh from the client in the meeting and then never actually eventuates. I think more credit should be paid to the suit (or CD) who made this happen.

I smell an ambient award...

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NO! dont like it

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