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chintan ruparel
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waaaaah :( im jealous...wat a lovely campaign! full marks..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Ed Mintone
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Great idea. Sharp execution!

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Hernan, Moyeenul, and Kaan are on their way to a successful career in advertising. Great student work.

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Paper thin, yup. I said it before I'll say it again. This has ALWAYS been a good idea.

This campaign has been in the award books for years; Hinkel knives etc. Seriously, if regurgitating older award winning ads is what the "ad" schools are teaching these days you guys should demand you tution back.


You'll never have a job in this biz if you go around showing someone else's ideas in your book

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I think I'd hire any one of these kids.

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Look at that guys, your first job offer. What ya payin'?

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Done a thousand times...

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Yeah guest1.... you are right in a way...paper thin idea has been done a lot..but it still wins.
If this one can win a lion :
This poster idea can sure be in a student book or on the ads of the world. I don't think they need to demnad their tution back. ;-) I found it a a really nice simple idea.Yes, agreed things like that
has been done before may be....but I haven't seen anything like this before. Which one are you talking about? I remember the one where they used the double spread of a magazine. ...that one is different than this one. cool down guest1.

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The problem is that folks like yourself are all to willing to except mediocrity, even make excuses for it.

Yeah, it wins awards. That idea always has. That's not the point. It's not orginal.

There has been a 100+ takes on the lightbulb but everyone knows it was Thomas Edisons who did it first, tell me guest 645 who was the second guy? We should be teaching students to stand out and not just lift what ever idea is hot at the moment.

It may be fine for ad school, but in the real world if you walk into a any creditable CDs office with an idea that's been done previously (even many times) for a paying client and you'd be fired. If I was thier boss I would question why they couldn't have said "Hey, nice idea. But it's really close to all those other "paper thin" ideas that have been done a hundred times, let's move on to something else." That is the difference in thinking the separates the good from the great.

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critical girl

Heads up. This idea is done from Singapore 3 years back. Try to catch up will ya.

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Dude. This is done by a student in Academy of Art University San Francisco. And won some awards in the school. It s such a good idea and done by two ad schools. That's lovely. Welcome to advertising world.

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Congrats men! You rock. Good job.

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