MCSL Child Sponsorship Programme: Street Kid - Counting frame

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Creative Director: Asanka Ilamperuma
Art Directors: Roshan Quintus, Rishini Jayasinghe
Copywriter: Manoshi de Silva


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Love the idea!! an eye opner u just cannot miss...

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good job!!! I like it!

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A vertical counting frame.

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hm, i think this is boring. plus, this calculator is all wrong. on purpose? couldn't figure it out.

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You get both horizontal and vertical counting frames. This is an abacus. In elementary school an abacus is also sometimes called a counting frame.
Nice job- well-done

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sun shine
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ya kids call abucus' counting frames. but certainly not clculators. "Wordnerd ' has got it all

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nice, trés bien, mucho bueno, etc

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Agree an abucus is a counting frame. Very nice work guys. good intention too. some one should help these kids.

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Good İdea but difficult eye catching.

Bence fikir genel anlamda idare etse de, boyut bakımından gözün yakalaması zor bir çalışa olmuş.
Etrafıyla ilgilenmeyen insanların pek dikkatini çekecek gibi görünmüyor.

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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Done... and recently. Publicis Mumbai. pg. 316 of One Show vol. 29.

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Done has become a verry common word in this site. if it is done show the work...give a link....i like the idea..good job guys

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I must say this is very engaging.. An exceptionally creative idea to a very morbid yet true present. Hats off to the responsible...
Please do treat us with more of such humanitarianism...
Best regards

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Charit Tissera
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one awesome concepts...the body is perfect, which states, if u ignore them, they will be left on the roads..

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muc better than the original.
its real life not stupid lab environment.
very cool.

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