McDonald's: Sundial

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Mark Tutssel, John Montgomery
Copywriter: Gary Fox-Robertson
Art Director: Vince Cook
Chief Creative Officer: John Condon


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This one, will always be GREAT! I really enjoyed it when i saw it the first time.
What happened with McD? They used to make this kind of ads, very good advertising in every media,
now...they are gone...

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Bonus points for those who thought the M looked like a fork. :)

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Another point for the one who thought in the shadow.

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they just need to add a picture of a toilet at 12

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HAHA! I agree!

Kidding aside, I like how they played with the medium. It just sucks that if it was rainy or cloudy and the sun didn't come out to show that it's a sundial...which I reckon happens in Chicago a lot...

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i saw this ad at their website a few weeks ago and i was pretty impressed with it!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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if u guys think this is a gud ambient see this.

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Yes, that one is great!

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That's absolutely fantastic.

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Very good idea indeed. But Sorry, I will NEVER eat macdonald at each time of the day.
Once a month is enough for me.

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Its Mark Tutssel - he's da man! 'Nuff said -

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Una de las mejores ideas que he visto para McDonalds. Excelente trabajo, felicidades!

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Extremely well thought.

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