Nez rouge

November 2007

Nez Rouge is a non-profit organization, a special volunteer taxi service offered during the holiday season to drive people home (in their own vehicles) when they've had too much to drink.

Ambient advertisment created by Cossette, Canada for McDonald's, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Call Nez Rouge.
McDonald's is proud to support "Operation Nez Rouge"

Advertising Agency: Cossette Communication Marketing, Montréal, Canada
VP, Convergent Creative Services: Patrick beauduin
Creative Director: Anne-Claude Chénier
Art Director: David Lamarche
Copywriter: Mario Laberge
Client Services: Isabelle Henry, Martin Bureau
Production: Nicolas Duarte, Nathalie Morneau

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Highest Rated

elnietodeNicho's picture
Activity Score 360

i want that service in mexico!!

Tincho's picture
Activity Score 1093

Ok idea. Ok art.

Copy_Can's picture

Let's take an ambient idea that was just done for Guiness from BBDO Toronto and put our own logo on it.

Horrible, Cossette, horrible.

adrianapr's picture
Activity Score 1238

same old trick: let's put something blur, to simulate the double vision that drunk people have.
here's a new trick: let's forget about this "technique" cause it's been done so many times.

chucklab's picture
Activity Score 10

I think it's great because of the brand. The arch is a strong symbol. Clever.

Mtl Dave's picture
Mtl Dave
Activity Score 274

Very simple. Relevant.

xhp's picture
Activity Score 543

Colors doesn't match, tpography isn't good, could be better worked...

elnietodeNicho's picture
Activity Score 360

i want that service in mexico!!

Mr.Top's picture
Activity Score 728

PFFFFF.... come on!

Anne's picture
Activity Score 508

Don’t these guys read Communication Arts or anything? BBDO Toronto did the same exact idea 10 times better. Shame, shame.

Rick Lee's picture
Rick Lee
Activity Score 14

I like it. Just looking at the logo makes my head spin..

abdou's picture
Activity Score 76

This is a good campaign for Beer.

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

I know that this is as a support for the services, but the placement is weak man, it should be hanging on a bar or something like that, that will give it relevance.

BoniS's picture
Activity Score 87

If you r drunk, wont you see the M straight and the numbers wrong?