McDonald's: McMobile

In the friendly tradition of ice-cream trucks and pop-corn carts, the highly visible McMobile brightens up the day at large sporting events, concerts, street festivals and any other events where large crowds are present — and hungry! And for people waiting in long line-ups to get into such events or to buy tickets, the McMobile would be not only a welcome and entertaining distraction, but a chance to get something to eat that they would probably eat anyway when they get into the event. Depending on the location and specific requirements, the McMobile could take the shape of just the one main car or it could become an entire fun train with various components of a meal depicted in each car. To make most of the fun of this fun meal-on-wheels, the concept would be further enhanced by specific music, mascots, staff and entertainers interacting with the crowds — all part of the experience of encountering the McMobile. With its bright colours and cute appearance, McMobile will be photographed and broadcast in social networks by consumers where-ever it shows up. McDonald’s could even run a “Spot McMobile” contest online to increase the visibility. McMobile is a concept created by Access Agency which will be sold as a franchise model and also used as a branded marketing experience.

Advertising Agency: Access Agency, USA
Creative Director: Bill Tikos

September 2010


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I like the first two, left to right. Not sure about the third one (fries + burger). Doesn't seem very practical..

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very cute!

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This will be huge for mcdonalds. Great execution.

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They look like something out of a cartoon. I couldn't imagine anyone over the age of 10 wanting to buy anything from these things. But maybe McDonalds' target audience is 5 year olds?

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Jaap Grolleman
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They could place these things at places or events where a lot of kids are.

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They dont look very "Mcdonalds" to me.

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If these are for branding purpose only, than ok. But if they are meant to be point of sales, than I guess there is something wrong with the dimensions with the Bus one and the Fries’ one; will kids sell Macdo's products to other kids?

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Miss Copywriter 22
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@ Joines....i'm no longer 10 but i'm loving it !!!! lol

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Cute, I like it

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Wow I would love this if I saw it live on the street.

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this would almost sucker me into buying their "food", which is an extreme accomplishment! but yeah, that might be because it doesn't look very mcdonald's-as-usual

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This is a terrible idea.

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