McDonald's: Little Piccadilly

As people pass by the McDonald’s screen, they will be invited to create their own animated character and send it directly to the Piccadilly screen via their smartphone, so they become a permanent resident of Little Piccadilly for all to see – transforming the McDonald's screen into a gigantic, interactive visitors' book showcasing all the little residents, past and present. 

Little Piccadilly is an ever-changing world, reflecting the real-time conditions in Piccadilly Circus itself - from seasonality and time-of-day to local weather conditions. And the more people who interact at the same time, the more exciting and surprising the results.

With over 300 million possible combinations of illustrated artwork and animations, you'll never see exactly the same thing twice - and that's just for launch. Little Piccadilly is a long-term initiative, with new combinations and functionality being added over time, such as messaging and real-time games.

People simply visit on a connected device to start creating their very own little resident.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, UK
Planner: Kit Altin
Copywriters: Amanda Julius, Anna Sweet
Art Directors: Elisa Frediani, Pansy Aung
Creative Directors: Charlie Martin, Ben Lunt
Head of Art: Russell Brown
Art Buyer: Christine DeBlangy
Illustrator: Stanley Chow
Producers: Rene Chan, with Becky Crilly and Lorenzo Guernieri
Front-end Development Pirata London and Holler
Back-end Development: DEP
Account Management: Emily Somers, Rosie Greaves, Ali Wilde, Annabella Smith, Katie Dally


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2764 pencils

the idea's edgy

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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love it.

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36288 pencils

love it.

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