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If you flip the binoculars around and looked through them the wrong way did they work like regular binoculars and make everything bigger? If so, then I wonder how many people were using the binoculars to shrink cars and how many people were just using them as regular binoculars. One way or another I can see how kids would want to take the binoculars home.

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swiss guy

if you wanna see cars smaller than in reality, just watch them on tv.

by the way:

Dear friends from mccann geneva.

I'm sure you're going to send this scam to all the festivals.

but don't forget to print out a new version:

on the right side you've written your headline twice:

"Heute auf der Autoshow, morgen bei uns.

Heute auf der Autoshow, morgen bei uns."

ouch, really bad.

and rewrite the efficiency article: they could have thrown this rubbish directly into the next dustbin.

or just try to work creative on a briefing.

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david von

Don't tell us your life.

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Estoy cansado de esta gente que opina en Ads. Argumentos rebuscados, ensucian buenas ideas. Para Corner Store, que dijo que la gente va a usar los binoculares de forma regular, discúlpame, pero eso es tan estúpido como pensar que la gente quiere ver autos pequeños como en la TV. La idea es excelente. Target bien definido, recurso muy bien utilizado, concepto brillante.

And some words in english... Do something by yourselves..LOSERS!!!


You probably just a retard if you think like that and I sure you just trying to make into the bussiness, because the idea is a very good one, maybe not outstanding F*#$@ing brilliant but very... very good one.

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