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May 2009

Ambient advertisment created by DDB, Brazil for MASP, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: DDB Brasil
Creative Directors: Renata Florio
Copywriters: Renata Florio
Art Directors: Cicero Souza, Gilberto Barros, Thiago Arrighi
Photographer: Sergio Prado
Producers: Edson Harada, Nereu Marinho
Art Buyers: Clariana da Costa, Carmen Castillo, Carolina Galastri
Account Supervisors: Andre Silveira, Carolina Porto
Advertiser's Supervisor: Paulo Donizete

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great idea and execution

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So why do all of us artist have to be tormented and need disclaimers to explain why we are insane and why you should like our work? Sure I'm weird and crazy as hell, but tormented? Nada. Why can't I be blissful and happily painting people being disfigured and mutilated? Should I go get depressed so I can be more sell-able?

XD (kidding guys)

anyways.... I actually like this. It's kind of different in a good way because I don't think people really care who was behind the image or the story or history behind it. They tell us we get 3 seconds to sell our art before the ADHD kicks in and they move on to another shiny object. But I kind of like the idea of proposing the artist as the art.

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Aren't these kind of explanations usually in museums and art galleries anyway? At least they are in exhibitions.

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So if i see any other renoir painting it will have the same biography but a different polaroid next to it...? wheres the fun in that?

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perhaps the next painting could be a van gogh or a dali or a schiele or even a max beckmann - depends what artists are in the exhibition

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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Nice border :)

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very good

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great idea and execution